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My ultra conservative take on staking returns at THIS very moment.

Ok I'm going to be ultra conservative right now and try and calculate our possible staking rewards at this point. First, let's look at some facts:
Omise has about 55.000 merchants at this moment using their product at this moment (taken from their website) Let's just say every merchant handles about lets say 60 dollars per day. This is ultra conservative. Let's not forget McDonalds Thailand is added to the merchant list and they are also based in Singapore and Japan. Now I've been in those 2 countries and you pay 20 dollars for a beer sometimes. They are expensive. For a complete list look at the marchant list of Omise: . Note they have Thai Airlines on there as well. They just need 0,5 costumers a day to buy 1 ticket to get to that 60 dollar a day, just saying.
Okay so we have 55.000 merchants, handling 60 dollars a day, for 365 days a year (on average, weekdays probably more busy or perhaps saturdays the most busy day of the week, no one knows). That is 1,2 billion dollars a year at the very least. This is JUST the amount of money OMG handles on their regular payments network. This is so freaking conservative I it's funny.
Ok so now we have established OMG will handle about 1,2 billion dollars per year just on their payments network.
Then we have the international conglomerate, TOPPAN, GlobalBrain, Tendermint, Electrify, and most importantly TrueMoney as partners and users of the blockchain. The last one transferring 4 billion dollars over 6 countries according to Jun. This is the tweet:
Let's be ultra, ultra conservative and say that adds about 3,5 billion dollars to the network. That totals 4,7.
THEN we have Tendermint/COSMOS. This is where it gets interesting. OMG has a longterm partnership with Cosmos, creators of Tendermint. (source Omisego will go live on this network and start their PoS protocol here first. Then move to Plasma once its complete. This could also mean that tendermint volume will transact through the OMG network once its own blockchain goes live in order to keep transaction costs as low as possible and allow for even more transaction than tendermint is able to do right now. Why else would they partner up?
Lets take a close look at this tweet, retweeted by Tendermint on twitter: "Just found out there's a production app that's been running on the @tendermint_team platform for 9 months and clears half a billion $$ a day!" In the comments I found the production app is The Forex Exchange clearing house.
Half a billion dollars. Per day. Let that sink in. However, lets be ultra conservative and make that 5 billion dollars per YEAR for an app/business that does only 0,0027% of that amount (I feel stupid for being THAT conservative really). That brings our total to 5 + the earlier mentioned 4,7 billion to 9,7 billion dollars. Now lets also assume that MAYBE some other businesses, merchants or even a freaking NATION STATE as mentioned by Thomas Greco at the Token summit bring another 1,3 billion dollars to the table. This gives us 11 billion dollars through the network per year. Now again, I believe this is ultra conservative and I think this can actually be 2 or even 3 times as high right off the bat as they have a White label wallet, meaning any business can just plugin to the OMG network with the blink of an eye for 2 to 5 times less transaction fees...
So what will this deliver for the stakers?
Let's take our ultra conservative 11 billion dollars and lets assume 1% transaction fees (Mind you, Omise is currently asking 3,65% per transaction). Also lets assume about 52 million coins are staked from the current circulation supply + the 38million OMG hold themselves meaning 90 million staked coins.
11 billion x 1% fees divided by 90 million stakers = 1,22 dollars per staked coin per year. This is the ABSOLUTE, laughable conservative minimum in my eyes.
With a current trading price at 17,81 that gives you a 6,8% return on your initial investment. This is why you buy NOW.
As noted by Omise on their website, they have a 500% increase in transaction from 2015-2016. Adoption rate can be fast, especially with low fees and the most possible transactions in crypto. They are unbanking the banked and they are banking the unbanked. They have a decentralized exchange, they are in talks with a messaging app (source: crowdsale doc), others can stick into the OMG network with their SDK wallet, they have SO MUCH going on right now.
This has so much potential I cant even wrap my head around it anymore. Like Thomas Greco said at the token summit ( : a 1 billion market cap is potentially insignificant. I believe it is.
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Online Forex Trading Courses - How Important is it to Find a Good Forex Trading System?

There are exotic currency pair options which include trading Forex Trading System Review the US dollar against Thai baht, Danish krone and Singapore dollar, amongst others. There are also currency crosses in forex trading, such as the British pound and Japanese yen or Euro and Canadian dollar. To be successful in forex trading you trade your currencies in pairs to take advantage of one's strength over another. If you believe the Euro is gaining strength compared to the U.S. dollar then it is wise to buy Euros and sell U.S. dollars at the same time. Forex trading success lies in the ability to spot the stronger currency so you can purchase it whilst simultaneously seller the weaker currency.

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There are many important questions that you need to answer before jumping into the forex market. Creating a forex goal will give you a success point to reach for and a direction to pursue. I have seen some traders with 5 indicators on one chart; to inform them of their next move with no success or at best break even. Here's another secret... forex indicators don't work. The 3 most powerful tools to use when trading forex are candlesticks buyesellers behavior, price action resistances, and trend up, straight, or down.

You are attaching emotions with your forex trades because there is real money involved. If you have no previous trading experience or a beginner always start low; then with more experience and confidence starting increasing your lot as time passes by. Not all your trades are going to be winners. It is better to break even then to lose. If you know that the trade has turned against you, don't start praying for a miracle... cut your loss and move on. There are endless profitable opportunities in the forex market.
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